Stephen Moyer says “I live out of a suitcase”

All the Stephen Moyer fans know that he is a traveling man.  He has probably been almost everywhere throughout the world while filming movies and TV. In order to maximize their time together, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer always have getaway bags packed beside their bed, so they don’t have to waste time packing before film shoots.

Stephen and Anna are often separated by film projects and, because they cherish their last moments together, they don’t want to start picking out wardrobe items during the quality time at home.

I live out of a suitcase,” Stephen tells WENN. “Being married to an actor and having kids together, we try to sort of be together when we can. Me and Anna have these things we call ‘go bags‘ and they’re literally set next to the night stand. We’re all set to dash off.

And Moyer admits he and his wife are very in tune with their feelings when they’re not together – because neither wants to get used to time apart.

You get to a place where you’re working and you haven’t got your partner with you or your dogs or your kids, and at first it feels odd and it feels weird not to have that around,” he explains. “Then there’s this hollowness that takes over and this is the bit I don’t like, where you start moving on without that stuff.

“Filling that gap can sometimes be a disconcerting thing, so when I start to feel that I need to go and see them.”

The couple recently managed to combine family and work when Steve directed his wife in The Parting Glass, calling the experience of working on the project written by another former True Blood cast member Denis O’Hare “lovely“.

But now the family has been parted once more – Stephen is editing The Parting Glass (actually, Stephen may be editing, but he is also currently in Atlanta filming his latest series, “The Gifted”). Anna has just left to start filming Tell It to the Bees in Scotland. She is starring alongside Holliday Grainger in the project which sees her playing a doctor who returns to her father’s hometown to take over his medical practice.



  1. Despite the work separations, it appears they have a plan in place to be together as much as their busy schedules allow. Good for them!

  2. I love them as s couple and am glad to be able to keep up with them and the True Blood fam through this site, thanks!

  3. It is a grownup who can set priorities and make the effort to keep those priorities uppermost in life, even when it’s hard. These two are grownup people who are determined to make their marriage work. And that’s wonderful!

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