Stephen Moyer friends with all of LA at T Magazine Party

As previously reported, Stephen Moyer and Deborah Ann Woll attended T Magazine’s pre-Golden Globes dinner last Thursday evening at the Gardens of Taxco, an amazingly off-kilter Mexican restaurant in Hollywood.

Stephen Moyer proved to be friends not only with Deborah Ann Woll, his beautiful “True Blood” co-star, but also with pretty much everyone in L.A. His co-star from his 2007 TV series, Ny-Lon, Rashida Jones, also attended and with Aziz Ansari she entertained director Max Winkler and the cast of his coming flick “Ceremony.”

In the second photo below we see Stephen having dinner with Deborah and being his usual “expressive self”.

T Magazine



  1. Where is Anna these days? Stephen has been see out and about alone more often than at any time since he and Anna got together.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. Where is Anna? She isn’t here, she had a ‘previous engagement’ when he went to Brentwood Theatre. What’s going on?

  3. But hey! Let them be without each other! They’re not Siamese twins! It’s just good to them have their own events! There are plenty of other occasions when we will see them together …

  4. Deborah Ann is such a natural beauty and of course Mr. Moyer is a star attraction. Thanks Lynn, I was hoping to see a pic of them together.

  5. Interesting place. IDK what T magazine is. (?) I think Anna is very busy taping S4, and probably very tired at night. She’s probably picking and choosing occasions out with extreme care. Stephen and DAW perhaps don’t have as rigorous a schedule – for now, at least.

  6. Stephen is yakking so much that he still has food on his plate!

    I agree, Anna likes her naps and is careful with what she eats so maybe is chosey which functions to attend etc.

    I think it is nice for Stephen and Deborah to go out to an event together. It is all about PR.

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