Stephen Moyer flips car and wins Pole Position in Toyota Celebrity Race

What a day it has been for Stephen Moyer! Stephen got best pole position even if he had to do a car flip to get it.

After spending the night on the True Blood set until 6am this morning, he went straight to Long Beach to participate in the qualifying race of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. Even though he had one hour of sleep and a quick power nap during lunch break, his race was thrilling, exciting and scary….. Stephen hit the tires and flipped his car, but still snatched the pole position. That position comes with the PEOPLE Pole Award of $15,000 for charity.

Congratulations Stephen!

photo credit: @toyotaracing


  1. he meant to do that!! (kidding)

    things will be fine tomorrow. fair skies and following winds to you stephen! we love you to pieces!

  2. Wow, that flip was a scary thing!! But I’m so glad Stephen made it through unscathed and even won the qualifying race. What a man!! Be safe, Stephen.

  3. Never a dull moment with Stephen. So happy you are okay. Congratulations on winning the pole position and the monies for Facing the Atlantic.
    Safe driving tomorrow and leave them in the dust Sweetheart.

  4. Congratulations on your #1 pole position for tomorrow but most of all on winning the $15,000 for your charity. Please no more flips but have fun and ‘go you mad racer go’.
    Lynn and Shad you two are the best, your coverage of Stephen racing is second to none. Thx

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