Stephen Moyer films NFL Kickoff Tease for Week 13

An NFL KICKOFF TEASE stars Stephen Moyer. In the video below, Stephen has filmed a great NFL “Kickoff tease” for Week 13 of the American Football Season.

We know Steve loves Football in his native England. And, it’s great to see him and hear his lovely British accent as he publicizes American Football for USA’s NFL.

Watch as Stephen Moyer narrates a promo for the 13th week of the latest NFL football season in the video below:

Can I just say “Oooooohhhh, that voice!

The creator of the video Tom Wells @technicianfilms tweeted about it on his account below.  I love learning more about the technology of how these videos are made. 

NFL Kickoff Tease
We thank him profusely for sharing this video which we will all remember with fondness since it’s always good to hear Stephen narrate anything!

Below are a couple of screenshots of the gorgeous Mr. Moyer from the video below:

And, thanks to loyal Stephen Moyer fan @moyachirps for notifying ASM about this awesome video.  Also, thanks to @jbuglio for posting it on Instagram.

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