Stephen Moyer: “I started to feel the car go over and you think OMG”

Stephen talks about the crash he had at the Toyoto Pro Celebrity Race saying he went very fast and braked too late for the curve. Then, the brakes locked up and at that point there was nothing he could do. The one thought in his mind in that moment was “shit“. He knew he was going into the tires and not the concrete, so that was one good thing. “Then I started to feel the car go over and you think OMG“, tells Stephen. “But you have a helmet on and I truly didn’t think I was in danger. The first thing I was thinking about was ruining everybody else’s qualifying session. The cars are fantastic it was an utter driver error.

car go over toyota pro celebrity race

Photos by Splash


  1. OMG!!! thank God his ok,my heart skipped a few beats until i read the whole story.despite the good outcome the picture cut like blades in my heart.PLEASE,Stephen,take care of yourself-a lot of peoples lives and sanity depend on it. Love you!! <3

  2. OMG in triplicate. Heart in my throat moments. Harrowing to watch the car hit the tires and then flip. I appreciate your commentary, Stephen. Be safe out there today and have fun.

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