Stephen Moyer featured in TV Guide Horoscope – October 10-16

Stephen Moyer is featured in the latest TV Guide Horoscope section (Oct. 10-16, 2011) on p.67. Below is a scan of that page where you can read Stephen’s horoscope; his birthday is Tuesday, October 11.

The photo of Stephen on the page is from the Season 4 True Blood Premiere and we agree with the choice of the photo since he looked extra fine that day dressed in a gray Tom Ford three-piece peak lapel suit, white shirt, and black leather shoes.

And, how apropos, the horoscope is when it says, “you’ll attract an opposite to generate some serious heat.”  TV Guide, you must have written this especially for Stephen; just ask the fans if Stephen generates serious heat and there will be a cry of “YES” that you can hear around the world.

TV Guide Horoscope

Thanks to ThelLou and to Callonmebill for the find.


  1. When I saw Stephen splashed extra large and looking “heat seeking” in TV Guide my heart skipped a beat. I was hopeing for him to get a small picture of the month, but a big thanks to TV Guide for using a great picture and super sizing the birthday boy. Thank you Lou for the scan and Lynn for the post.

  2. Great photo, great horoscope! Yes, we all know the heat this man can generate – even over space and time – there are no limits!

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