Stephen Moyer featured in EW’s Bullseye

ewcoverIn the September 6, 2013 issue of Entertinnment Weekly, we find that Stephen Moyer has hit their Bullseye.  In the back of the magazine they always have a section devoted to pop culture that was on target during the past week, or maybe not.

Stephen seems to be sort of on the outside of the dart board, but we think he’s right on target with his signing on for the holiday LIVE special production of “The Sound of Music” on December 5, 2013.  As many already know Stephen will play the part of Captain Von Trapp.  Right on Stephen!



  1. Awesomeness but that should be on the bulleye not on the outskirts!!! Hmmm some people just seem to know importance! ; )

  2. I’m glad to see that Stephen is getting favourable publicity for this project. We all know that he’ll totally rock it!

  3. Kind of a lame joke, but so what?  Nice to see Stephen on the EW bullseye.  and no mean or nasty remarks, which they are prone to making.  I’m glad to see Stephen getting some buzz!

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