Stephen Moyer Fan on the set of Shots Fired Fox

Stephen Moyer fan @therealRhondda was on the set of Shots Fired in North Carolina yesterday and she found the now famous little Blue Truck owned by Stephen Moyer parked on set!

Rhonda is a big Stephen Moyer fan and, on Twitter she shared some of her photos of the truck and also some with her friends. Rhonda has been waiting patiently to get to meet the elusive Mr. Moyer and has high hopes that it will happen before filming ends sometime in July.

We wish you the best of luck, Rhonda!  Say Hi to Steve for us, will ya, we miss him much!

See photos below:

shots fired

See more of her friend photos from the set of Shots Fired on her Twitter account – @therealRhondda!


  1. Rhonda, thanks for sharing your pictures. I hope it works out for you to meet Stephen. And thank you, Lynn, for posting. Any glimpse we can get of the set, the blue truck and, of course, Stephen is much appreciated.

  2. That’s so awesome, Rhonda! So lucky you get to be an extra on the series, and got to see Steve’s little blue truck in person. I hope you get to meet Stephen, too. Thanks for sharing!

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