Stephen Moyer falls off horse on True Blood Season 3 set

Anna Paquin

During a shoot on the True Blood set last night Stephen Moyer was bucked off a horse while shooting a scene for episode 2 of True Blood’s third season. According to our source Stephen was slightly injured and couldn’t complete the night’s work, in his trailer he was wrapped in ice packs.

falls off horse

After he had recovered from the initial pain his spirits were up again but everyone was a little shaken. Depending on how fast Stephen recovers from this unfortunate fall, they might be forced to shoot around him until he makes a full recovery.


  1. Just what we need, a delay on the shooting!!! Obviously I’m just kidding, I hope it was nothing serious and he gets well soon…

  2. Stephen, take care of yourself. Feel better real soon. Don’t work until you are ready. While I can’t wait for S3, I sure don’t want you to do something that might make things worse. Take care, we fans are praying that all is well for you.

  3. Oh, no! I’m glad Stephen’s feeling better and hope he makes a full recovery quickly. All the best to him.

    And now I really want to know why he was on a horse. Flashback? Hmmm.

  4. Get well soon Stephen! I got 4 horses myself and a few years ago one of them fell over me when I where out riding, but now I’m fully recovered and I really hope you will be that too! So take care of you now and just rest… can wait!

    Lots of love from Maria

  5. Hope Stephen’s feeling better real soon. Hate to think what might have happened, hopefully it’s just some bruises. Fingers crossed.

  6. Stephen, I am so sorry. Take care of yourself, luv, and please don’t return to work until you are 100 per cent. I hope today finds you feeling better. Lots of positive thoughts, virtual *hugs* and prayers for a speedy recovery are headed your way,

  7. Stephen you’re in LA, not the wild west! Hope you’re feeling better and please be a little more careful! Was the horse embarrassed?

  8. Oh no, I hope it is more bruised ego than body. Be sure to take it easy until you feel better. I guess vampires spook horses. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    confession: I have really wished for a scene with Bill on horseback but I’d take it back to prevent injury to Stephen.

  9. oh my….this really upset me when I first read it! I actually got a knot in my stomach.

    I hope he will be okay, I’m sure he will be sore for awhile…..
    Take care Stephen…..get a massage, take some IB and get back on the horse! ( an older one)

  10. Where the Heck were the stunt people/doubles? You can’t be really hurt because you’re the reason we all love True Blood. But rest assured the fans are willing to wait. Just make a full recovery and here’s hoping That beautiful face is in tact.

  11. Hope you are back in the saddle soon Stephen (so to speak). :-)
    Looking forward to seeing Bill on horseback also.
    Take all the time you need to recover… there is no TB without you!

    1. The line forms right behind me! I’m not a licensed massage therapist, but I’m big on learning as you go and practice practice practice! :P

  12. Yuck! Been there; done that. Take care and I hope you’re good as new very soon. I know we’re going to love that scene when it is finally aired.

  13. OUCH! I am so sorry to hear about your injuries Stephen and I hope you have a fast recovery. You’re in my thoughts!

  14. Stephen, take care of yourself. Please don’t rush back to work until you feeling better. The Billsbabes want you healthy and happy.

  15. I won’t feel comfortable until I know he is 100% ok; in other words I want to hear it from the “horses mouth”. Please get better soon Steve!

  16. Stephen – you have received a hurt! Get thee well and pronto! No – really – as long as it takes – and hope nothing too bruised.

  17. glad to hear everything is ok. if it weren’t i’d be in tears right now… on a brighter note bill on horseback sounds amazing. i hope they re-shoot this with extra safety measures. a protective force field sounds good haha.

  18. Scary day, so sorry you hurt yourself. Sometime horses just have a mind of their own with no thought of their passengers. I know, I have been wiped off a horse like I was a stuck booger. Hope they find you a calmer old mare or gilding to ride in the future. You are greatly loved and your kids need a whole daddy. Get well soon. Massage works well, my number is…… ;-)

  19. Oh gosh, Stephen you don’t need any other injuries after the ACL (I’m guessing)knee one you had last year! I’m confident you’ll be getting back up on the horse soon. Hugs.

  20. I hope this weekend gets you all healed up. Even if we cannot have you for long for 6 eps next season-we want as much of you as we can see. Hope Anna is kissing your boo boos!

  21. Please get well soon, Stephen!! My heart sank when I saw that you were injured……hopefully it’s very minor and you will be 100% in a few days.
    Without you there would be no True Blood for me! Take care of yourself because you are adored by your Billsbabes!

  22. The headline scared me, but it sounds like you will be okay, at least that is my hope, Stephen. Please take it easy and do whatever it takes to get all better. The thought of you in pain makes me sad.

  23. send this horse to the glue factory! who hired this horse? i ride a bit and this is scary. i know he’ll be sore for a while, but i am so grateful that we aren’t hearing any worse a story. hope for healing very soon. and lets just stick to flying and glamouring. uh, and the other stuff, going to ground and such.

  24. My oh my. I actually thought Stephen was close to a pro rider, but on the other hand, here in Europe we prefer proper English style close to the horse and not those stupid chair-looking saddles they us over there :-)

  25. I hope he recovers quickly,it must have been a real scare for him Anna and of course the crew.I got scared when I read the article.Stephen take care of yourself,we need you in shape and without bruises.Need a nurse???

  26. A bit off-topic, I was wondering the other day about why the smiling Stephen by the bricks picture (above) isn’t in the gallery, but this morning I saw it somewhere else and now I see you were just protecting the kids. Good for you.

  27. I am sorry about the accident. However, I am an experienced ER nurse and I would GLADLY fly to wherever SM is and take care of him morning, noon, and night, for as long as it takes for him to fully recover.ProBono.

  28. Thank the gods no one was seriously hurt.
    Please be careful Stephen!!!!! We need you healthy and whole!!

    Sending you losts of love and warm fuzzies for a speedy recovery!!

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