Stephen Moyer discusses The Barrens and True Blood in radio interview

This morning Stephen Moyer chatted with Jamie of Oldies 98.3 radio station, who is a big fan and has followed Stephen’s carreer since The Starter Wife. Stephen talks about what attracted him in the script and how his character’s journey resembles Jack Nicholson’s in The Shinning.

About Bill Stephen says that in his version of the world he is doing what he thinks is best.


  1. Enthusiastic interviewer, and Stephen was his usual charming and delightful self.  I enjoyed hearing him discuss The Barrens and learning his take on  the transformation of  Bill Compton into a vampire deity.

  2. I love how excited everyone gets  talking to him. Jackie admitted she is a Moyerist though she may not be aware of the term. What a treat to listen to him speak  about the film and Bill.

  3. Well, Jamie of Oldies 98.3 is certainly a big Stephen Moyer fan, as she repeated several times, and what a treat to hear her exclamations over the film and Stephen’s performance!  This was a terrific interview – an interviewer who is an excited fan and the ever-so delectable Stephen in a delightful conversation.    I loved every minute of it.  And how lovely and modest Stephen was in acknowledging her enthusiastic praise, and her congratulations on the wee ones.
    I would absolutely swoon if I ever heard him say, “thank you,  dahling” like that to me!

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