Stephen Moyer directing at the True Blood Governor of Louisiana Mansion

Our friend, Barbara of has been going to the True Blood sets recently photographing lots of pictures of Stephen Moyer and more goodies for the fans and she has been kind enough to share them with us. This week the filming is of the Governor of Louisiana mansion and Stephen Moyer was there doing some directing, presumably finishing up on Episode 1, even though they have begun episode 2 filming. Many times its more efficient to be filming two episodes simultaneously since often the same sets are used, etc.

Barbara writes:

True Blood filmed for season six on location at the home shown below. Our speculations were correct that yes this is the home being used for “The Governor” of Louisiana. Here is Arliss Howard rehearsing the scene (I can almost quote the speech he gives word for word! Heard him repeat it many times for each practice and quite a few takes for the filming). His character is not a big fan of vampires. It will be interesting to see just what his role will be next season.

True Blood Governor Mansion DSC_0055

And, here are photos of Stephen filming:


  1. Great job he is doing .. Stephen & Anna are a great couple as well . Let  he get his directing on .. I hope to see season 6  is not the end of this wonderful show .

  2. What a treat to see Stephen directing!  Thanks to Barbara for sharing these.  Thanks, ladies, for posting them.  I remember hearing how they overlap shooting of episodes, and sometimes have to go back a few weeks to shoot something.  What a challenging schedule!
    BTW, I think I see Ms. Fisher in some shots.

  3. Stephen is so diversely talented.  Was hoping we’d get pics of him directing episode 1 so thanks for posting.  Can’t wait for season 6.  I see Audrey Fisher too.

  4. Barbara thanks for the pictures and commentary of a slice of Stephen directing the first episode of S6; it will be fun to match up the end product when it airs.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics, Barbara! I am thrilled that they are giving Steve the reigns for the premiere episode! He definitely has a knack for it.

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