Stephen Moyer to direct 1st episode of True Blood Season 7

stephen-moyer-directingWe already knew from Stephen Moyer that he would be directing an episode of True Blood again this year during the show’s final season. Now it’s offiically announced.

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer will really be sinking his teeth into the show’s Season 7 premiere — and not just because it’s the first of the HBO hit’s final 10 episodes ever.

Moyer will step behind the camera to direct the installment, which goes into production in early January ahead of a June 2014 bow.



  1. Weyhey, fantastic! Loved what Steve did with S5 ep 8 and can’t wait to see what’s in store for S7. Maybe he’d like to rotate with Alex, that would be really cool (y)

  2. We knew Stephen was directing an episode … just didn’t know which one.  And now we do.  Looking forward to Stephen in director mode.  He does a terrific job!

  3. Steve told us at TIFF that he was directing espisode one.  That was enough confirmation for me.  Directing the first episode allows him to do the pre-production work without it interfering with his schedule as a cast member.  Looking forward to a great start to another season!  Go Stephen!!!

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