Stephen Moyer & Denis O’Hare Working on “ColumbiaTheMovie”

Stephen Moyer and Denis O’Hare are currently in Atlanta, Georgia where today, they each tweeted a “selfie” pic together.

They mention “ColumbiaTheMovie” which might indicate that the two of them may be starting their joint project and are scoping out locations. There is a county near Atlanta in Georgia named “Columbia.” Could that have anything to do with the film’s name?  Anyone have any guesses? If you do, send them to us, we’d love to hear from you.

None the less, Steve and Denis look great in the Selfie taken by Denis. Stephen’s shadow is a little less flattering to the pair, but still nice to see.




  1. I’ll bet they’re having a blast together.  So happy to see Stephen starting yet another project.  He is one busy boy.  It must be for the film that Stephen is directing that Denis wrote about his sister.  Haven’t heard of any other projects they have planned together.  I think Stephen is a fantastic director.  I hope this film comes to my town, not a lot of indie films do. They look so cute together!

  2. Two fantastic actors. I have enjoyed watching Denis O’Hare on American Horror StoriesU0001f60dbut miss Stephen Moyer.

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