Stephen Moyer appears on CTV ETalk to discuss “The Gifted”

Stephen Moyer appeared today on CTV ETalk for an interview in Toronto, Canada about his new part of Reed Strucker in The Gifted. Stephen talks about the show and his character and his relationship with Stan Lee and how The Gifted sits within the Marvel Universe. He also talks about filming CASM’s upcoming film, The Parting Glass which they filmed last January and how it was very cold. He spoke lovingly about doing his best to keep 87 year old Ed Asner going through the winter filming.


Watch the video below:

source: CTV’s ETalk


  1. Finally saw the video. Stephen is charming and delightful as usual. Good to learn more about the world of mutants, also a bit about The Parting Glass. Stephen in spandex … now there’s a visual!

    Thanks so much for providing the interview.

  2. Thank you for providing the video. Looking forward to all the exciting projects Stephen is in or contributing too.

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