Stephen Moyer covers Muscle & Body Magazine

Stephen Moyer fans will be delighted to see that Stephen Moyer is gracing the cover of the July 2014 issue of Muscle & Body Magazine.  We knew that Stephen was training for his participation in Soccer Aid 2014, but we’re glad to see that he’s also benefiting by showing off all that work on the magazine’s cover. Below is the best photo we’ve seen of the magazine cover so far, but once we get a copy we’ll do a proper scan and share the inside article with you.


Thanks to lauraspinella who uploaded this image to her Instagram account saying:

Stephen Moyer’s gun show cover styled by moi #trueblood #muscle #body #nike #fitness

Here’s her photo:



  1. He was also not flexing because he wasn’t doing a photo shoot like he did for the magazine. Flexing the arms makes the muscles look more pronounced. All that needs to be said is DAMN HE’S HOT!

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