Stephen Moyer Covers Canada’s Movie Entertainment Magazine

In the June 2012 Roger’s cable magazine called “Movie Entertainment Magazine”, the Canadians have a treat in store. The June issue shows Stephen Moyer on the cover. There’s an interview too, but unfortunately, not too many secrets are revealed.

So, here’s another cover that we have added to our “Stephen Moyer on the Cover” section here at Click on the images to see a larger view and read the article.

Movie Entertainment Magazine Movie Entertainment Magazine

Thanks to Bills4Me, for the scans.

source: Movie Entertainment Magazine


  1. Thanks for providing, Bills4me and Lynn.  Looking forward to Season 5′s “a ton of crazy with a little bit of sex and eroticism.” I appreciate Stephen’s colorful description, and his most enjoyable interview.

  2. Thanks to ASM and Bills4me for the wonderful Stephen treats! I love his interviews, and the pics – though repeats – are absolutely lovely.

  3. I love to read Stephen’s account of him and Anna working together, her sarcastic humor, and how they give as good as they get!  They have fun working together, and that’s really so telling.
    Lovely article.  Great photos – nice to see them again.  And the S5 poster of Bill is hot!

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