Stephen Moyer Compares Himself to a Big Old 1950’s PickUp Truck

old truck

Here’s yet one more video from the Toyota Grand Prix Pro/Celebrity Race held last weekend in Long Beach, California. In this one, Lesly Robins catches up with all the stars that are sitting behind the wheel! In the video Stephen Moyer describes himself as an old 1950’s pickup truck.

old truck

Kevin Jonas, Stephen Moyer, Djimon Hounsou, William Fichtner, Frankie Muniz, Tito Ortiz, and Brian Austin Green share with them how they prepared for the race, what type of car best fits their personality, and what goes through their minds on the track!

We see Stephen at about :54 and he talks about his fears and gives an answer to what kind of car he is. He says, “I would be a big old pick up truck, 1950’s, smashed up, bad paint job; that’s me.”  Great answer Steve, we love it!  However, we sure don’t think you fit the description, we think you’re young and sexy!

1950 pickup
Is this Stephen Moyer? I don’t think so but still, we like the answer.



  1. I actually think he was using it as a metaphor that he had lived a very full life so far. However, I agree he is beautiful and sexy for sure and doesn’t look old and beat up to us at all!

  2. aww. feeling not quite yourself? well, just pull on up into my little ‘detailing’ shop and i’ll wash, wax and buff that paint job until you are feeling brand new!!

    and just remember, if you really were a ’50s pickup, by now you’d be considered vintage, worthy of much special treatment and quite valuable!!! so any way you cut it, you are still a winner!

  3. Fun answer but I’m not seeing a smashed-up 50’s pick up truck with a bad paint job. I’m seeing hot, sexy, and a man who is mature and at the peak of his powers.

    1. LOL! I see him more as a restored 50’s pickup, cruisin’ around with all the beautiful Billsbabes (& Anna) hanging with him. Hot, sexy and his inner child shining thru with a touch of maturity.

  4. Pfffft! Stephen is not “old and beat up”. In my opinion, he’s a muscle car who’s engine has broken in, well maintained and runs fine! A total chick magnet. :)

  5. I watched this at work last eve, but couldn’t get it un-muted, so just listened to it now. Love Steve’s answer about the truck…too funny. Also the comment about hoping everyone else was concentrating, instead of thinking about cooking dinner. I’m guessing he does a fair amount of the cooking at home.

  6. I see a shiny, luxurious, beautiful,vintage but smooth ride in that guy, lets say a lovely cabriolet with a leather salon, comfy seats and flying 160 miles per hour.

  7. Oh, Stephen, I agree with Vessy who says you are a luxurious vintage cabriolet. You would also fit a hybrid – in tune with your green consciousness. Either way, you are class all the way, my dear!

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