Stephen Moyer commentary track on True Blood season 2 DVD

Season 2 DVDStephen Moyer’s commentary track on the True Blood season 2 DVD and BluRay will be for the episode 8 “Timebomb”. In the optional audio track Stephen will be commenting on the episode together with Alexander Skarsgård  and director John Dahl.

The DVD and BluRay will hit the shelves in the USA on May 25. Also the season 2 soundtrack will be released on that day.

Read about all the DVD and BluRay extras on The Vault.


  1. I enjoy the commentaries and can’t wait till it arrives. I do wish they would give us bloopers as well. There must to be some really funny outtakes when they just could not keep a straight face. Maybe at the end of the series AB will release those .

    1. I would enjoy seeing those bloopers as well Willkill. I’m sure all the cast members have funny outtakes, especially Stephen with his great sense of humor. Can’t wait to hear his sexy British accent on the commentary track.

    2. Sorry for the late reply, but I just read through these again. I would love seeing bloopers…would be awesome. Maybe we can start a write-in campaign to Alan Ball, from all loyal Stephen (and True Blood)fans. We demand Bloopers.

  2. I did check it out on The Vault … can’t wait to get the DVD in my hot little hands. May 25 can’t come soon enough. I especially appreciate the commentaries. “Timebomb” is the first one I’ll check out.

  3. It’s interesting that they’re pairing up some of the actors for commentaries – that should be fun! There are a few eps I would’ve picked for Stephen to comment on before “Timebomb,” but now that I think about it there should be some really good stuff discussed during that one.

  4. I’m looking forward to hearing all the commentaries–should be fun to hear Steve and Alex talking together. Steve’s commentary on Episode 5/Season 1 was wonderful–just so funny and insightful. Let’s face it–I could listen to him speak for hours; he could do a commentary on each and every one of them as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Cool, I guess I’ll be buying it after all. But I don’t know if Stephen’s commentary will make me like that episode any better. Glad it’s not on I Will Rise Up. Wish it was on Scratches or Hard Hearted Hannah.

  6. Funny that Anna and Michele Forbes are doing “Beyond Here Lies Nothing” as I thought Anna and Steve would be better on that one – especially as Maryann died the previous episode!

    Anyhow, anything with Steve in it will be fantastic!

  7. 10pm, just finished the commentaries.Why was TB2 #9 left out?I am heartbroken. And, waiting this lng and not getting what I had hoped for makes me question my perception of how fanatical I have become! Oh, I am fortune’s fool!!!!
    … Still I am looking forward to Sunday, WooHoo!
    HBO, u still suck.

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