Stephen Moyer on “The Chive” Podcast

Stephen Moyer is a guest on “The Chive Podcast.” He dropped by to talk True Blood, killing off John Resig’s character on the HBO show, married life with Anna Paquin, surviving the apocalypse, and so much more! The hosts confront Stephen about why he had John’s head bitten off on True Blood. The co-host, is John Rezig who played Deputy Kevin Ellis on True Blood who you may not recognize at first since as he doesn’t have the “goofy southern accent” that he has on True Blood, but he does talk about his character and the death scene.


Listen to the podcast below (Stephen’s interview starts at about 15 minutes into the podcast):



  1. Great interview.  Steve is so relaxed and fun and so open to answering any and all questions.  Love his personality!

  2. I love the way that Stephen speaks about Anna, the way he expresses his admiration of her intelligence, strength and that she is always herself.  Now that’s a man!  I really admire him for that. 

    Loved hearing the behind the scenes stuff.  Thanks for posting.

  3. Excellent Stephen interview: long, is very detail on many varied subjects and as always is uncensored bursting with hilarity; thank you Stephen for your sense of humor.
    Best of luck to the Chive Podcast, John Rezig & co caster

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