Stephen Moyer attends Celebrity Gaming Xbox Live Session in Atlanta

Chris Evans, Lauren Cohan and Lil Jon Hosted Celebrity Gaming Event and Xbox Live Session in Atlanta on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 and Stephen Moyer attended the epic night of gaming at the Xbox One X Launch Party in Atlanta, Ga.

In addition to Stephen Moyer, the following were also there: Ben Schwartz, Sarah Gilman, Rob Riggle, Taran Killam, and The Walking Dead‘s Steven Ogg and Austin Amelio.

To kick-off the night, Chris, Lauren and Lil Jon each joined Xbox Live Sessions – an interactive live stream hosted on the Mixer Xbox channel – to play Middle Earth: Shadow of War on the new Xbox One X.

Other cast members from The Gifted attended including Amy Acker, Percy Hynes White and Natalie Alyn.

How did we miss this one!  Stephen looks great while he’s gaming, don’t you think so?

Xbox Live Session
Celebrity Gaming Event and Xbox Live Session in Atlanta as Stephen Moyer is seen gaming.

Also, back in October, when Steve did NYC Comic Con he went to the theater with his friend, the dreamy Rufus Sewell who stars in The Man In The High Castle which I just love!  They are friends and you may remember that they both starred together in Killing Jesus for FX.  See some pics of them back stage after the seeing a Broadway show with the cast of “Clockwork Orange.”

Stephen Moyer, Matt Doyle and Rufus Sewell
Stephen Moyer, Matt Doyle and Rufus Sewell


  1. Always a pleasure to see pictures of Stephen. However, the whole idea of gaming leaves me cold. Must be my age … very senior citizen..

  2. I watched the soap opera Jesus So’s Murder by Stephen Moyer! but, I didn’t know that in these series the man Rufus Sewell played! now, I will know that Rufus Sewell played in series Jesus’s Murder with Stephen by the actor, the producer!

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