Stephen Moyer cast in new thriller: “Detour”

stephen-moyerWriter-director Chris Smith’s thriller Detour, has added Stephen Moyer to the supporting cast. The film is now underway in South Africa.

Also in the cast of the film is Emory Cohen, Tye Sheridan and Bel Powley and Jared Abrahamson.

Stephen plays the part of Vincent, the step-dad, of Tye Sherican’s character Harper, a law student and all round good guy who suspects Stephen’s character Vincent of causing the car crash that landed his mother in a coma.

Drowning his sorrows in a seedy LA whisky bar, Harper ends up drinking with Johnny Ray (Cohen), a tough redneck who offers to “take care” of Vincent for a cool $20,000. Powley will play Ray’s beautiful but distant girlfriend.

Producers are Julie Baines and Jason Newmark with financing from Head Gear Films with Phil Hunt and Compton Ross also taking producer roles. Bankside handles sales.

Executive producers are Hilary Davis, Stephen Kelliher, Fenella Ross, Elliot Ross and Cathy Schulman.

Cinematographer Chris Ross, BSC is reuniting with director Smith for Detour following their collaboration on Get Santa. Ross recently completed Dad’s Army and Black Sea.

Writer-director Smith said: “Detour is going to be an entertaining, stylish film noir, with a sophisticated structure. Alongside my wonderful cast I am supported by a great production and creative team”.



  1. Excited to see this.  Film noir is one of my favorite genres, and then add Stephen Moyer?  Awesome!   Wonderful that Stephen is involved in so many projects and really diverse acting roles.

  2. Good, good we are going to see more of Stephen. I’m liking this movie and I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the awful stepdad in the end, one can hope!

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