Stephen Moyer bites fans!

ComicCon2009_70_3Stephen Moyer who plays vampire Bill Compton on True Blood, is extremely generous and very giving to his fans. However, he has certainly had a few strange fan moments in his time, especially when he has to bite his fans.

In relation to his and Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s roles as vampires, he told British Company magazine: Robert Pattinson and I are probably the only people where the first thing people say is, ‘Bite me’. Sometimes they try and bite me, which is weird.”

Despite Stephen being happily engaged to his co-star Anna Paquin, Moyer admits he does sort of oblige. See him about to bite a fan below:

Stephen Moyer bites fans

He added: “I’ve gone in too, but no saliva has swapped between recipients. I made it look as if I’m about to, then pull back.

Stephen has even had to sign a woman’s breast.

He said: “I had to sign a breast though. It would be rude not to! I kept thinking, do you really want my illegible script over your nipple?


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