Stephen Moyer Biography updated with new information and organization

We first wrote our biography of Stephen Moyer in May, 2010, and while we’ve made occasional updates to it since then, after three years, it was really starting to show it’s age.

Much has happened in the past three years warranting such an update. Not only did it need new information, but the whole bio needed reorganization. So, before the craziness of True Blood’s final season begins, we took the time to review our Biography and give it  a complete overhaul. Not only is the information updated, but we have also broken it into sections allowing the content to be easier to find and, hopefully provide a more enjoyable read.

Why not give our updated Stephen Moyer Biography a look; it is sanctioned by Stephen himself.

Click on the banner below to go learn all about our favorite man and see the bio’s “newness.”



  1. Thanks, Lynn.  Appreciate the updates, the pictures, and the wonderful Stephen quotes.  Terrific job on organizing and bringing Stephen’s information up to date.

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