Stephen Moyer Biography Page Coming Soon!

Stephen Moyer Biography Page is Coming Soon to We will provide an extensive section devoted to Stephen’s public and biographical life so far. The documentation of Stephen’s life to date has been spotty at best and what we have known about it has been from his various interviews, etc. However, now here on AllSteve we can share a much more in depth account of his life with the Stephen Moyer fans.

The bio chronicles Stephen’s life to date and will be updated whenever more information becomes available. It will also include photos from Stephen’s childhood and early career at the Brentwood, courtesy of Stephen Moyer.  Additionally, contributions to the text have been added by his sister, Amanda and it has been approved by Stephen himself.

One of the photos that will be highlighted in this special section is a black and white portrait of a young Stephen taken around the time he started studying at LAMDA in 1988.

Stephen Moyer Biography Page

Photo courtesy of Stephen Moyer
Special thanks to Amanda Emery


  1. Fantastic! Love the picture…how old was he? Like about 16? He’s got a bit of an Elvis look going on there. It’s wonderful that he’s willing to share with us on this site. Thank you Lynn and Shad, and thank you Steve!

  2. Fangtastisk good idea!
    Thank you Billbabes, you are best! And thanks Stephen and Amanda for doing this possible! ! That means more than you think!

  3. How delightful to get an accurate bio along with pics. Thank you to Amanda for her contribution and Stephen for his seal of approval. Shad and Lynn your efforts are much appreciated and it is the reason ASM and the Vault are the best sites.
    That pic is adorable. Late teens? Channeling James Dean . :)

  4. That picture is just so adorable!
    Yes, what a wonderful idea. What a treat it will be to learn more about our favorite Essexian (okay, I may have made that word up, but it’ll do).

  5. Great idea, really looking forward to it. Thanks to Mrs. E for keeping that perfect face out of the boxing ring.

  6. Absolutely fantastic. It will be a real treat to get a definitive biography of Stephen, and one that is ongoing with continuous updates … and pictures. Thanks to Amanda for her contributions and to Stephen for his approval. And of course, big kudos to Shad and Lynn for all their hard work.

    What a beautiful picture … the first of many, I am sure. rocks!!! I am proud to be a Billsbabe.

  7. Yes, forgot to thank Amanda. What a lovely sister, looking out for her…what is it? baby brother? Or older brother? Just one of many thousands of questions to be answered… so stay tuned for the next installment.

  8. Thank you family for the upcoming biography. And that photo also has a bit of Ricky Nelson in it, so sweet.

  9. Well now….how cute is he there?! Love, love, love the hair!!!!!!!!!!! He does have the Elvis thing going on…..Love me tender!
    Thanks to Steve and Amanda for this and, also, thanks to Lynn and Shad for all your hard work. You all ROCK!

  10. Great idea! I can’t wait for the biography page! Thanks to Stephen, Amanda, Shad, and Lynn for their contributions and effort. I absolutely love that picture, and I can’t wait for more! ;)

  11. Wow! That picture is awesome. It will be nice to have a more in-depth bio page,
    and I think it’s great that Stephen approved it and Amanda is providing information and pics.

    Thanks Shad and Lynn. This site (and The Vault too) is the best!

  12. I see a little James Dean and Ricky Nelson, too. So glad to have a reliable source for biographical info on Steve. Thanks to everyone involved and especially to Stephen for allowing it.

  13. What a brilliant idea, and what a gorgeous photo of our favourite guy. He obviously has looked good, no matter what age he was, but I have to say I think he looks the best right now. Thank you to all the hard working folks on this site, and also to Steve and Amanda for their approval and the great photo. Looking forward to seeing more. Love those blond highlights and don’t get me started on his beautiful hands. Big sigh!

  14. Billsbabes are the best! And a big thanks to Amanda for the information and Stephen for the approval and the pic(s). So cute then, and even better now :) I love the Elvis hair. Cannot wait for the bio.

  15. What an exciting addition to this already awesome site. Thanks to all involved, can’t wait to see those baby pictures! And I must add, what a picture to tease us with, so young but sooo gorgeous!

  16. What a wonderful addition to the allsteve site. I am a huge fan and am very excited to see more pictures and information on my favorite actor. Thanks to all for making this possible!

  17. OMG, what a cutie!! He looks a bit like Chris Isaak there (and to tie it back to TB, I was convinced that Isaak sang “Bad Things” the first time I heard it). Can’t wait for the bio page to go live, especially if we’ll get more handsome pics of Mr. Emery.

  18. Wow! Thanks to Lynn, Shad and Stephen & Amanda for contributing. We know it will be accurate. Like so many who commented before me, my first reaction was he looks like James Dean!

    He aged into a beautiful, inside & out, sexy man. Totally handsome!

  19. the photo is very james dean to me. mmm the hotness.i cannot wait to find out more about my favorite man.

  20. This is VERY exciting for Stephen fans!! I’m so looking forward to it!!

    He is SO beautiful….at every age!! He is one man who will always be beautiful!
    I love everything about him…he’s just unbelievably gorgeous. WOW.

    Thank you to everyone involved….and to Stephen, you have just given us one more reason to adore the heck out of you!!!

  21. That pic of Stephen is priceless! A big thanks to Amanda and of course, Stephen, for sharing that with us fans at “The Vault’ and “All Stephen”. And also a big thanks to Shad and Lynn for creating another fine addition to the ASM site.

  22. Good lord,he’s always been pretty.Now he’s HOTTT,he gets better with age.
    I’m looking forward to the biography page,and thanks to Lynn and Shad for the beautiful pic.:-)

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