Stephen Moyer on Bill-Sookie reunion

How does Stephen Moyer feel about Bill and Sookie getting back together? Is there hope for the Bill/Sookie shippers?

“I don’t know whether they can be [together], given everything that’s happened between them. What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be — a window into that world”, Stephen told

“I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer,” he conceded. “I think a bunch of people would be happy if [Sookie and Bill being together] was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story. I don’t read that s**t, so I don’t care, ultimately. All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.”



  1. He doesn’t read “that shit”?!? Hmmm. I would have thought that he would invest at least a few hours to read/listen to the material he is portraying. Then, he would know who she ultimately ends up with.

  2. Carolina – By “that shit” I think he means the negative press that Eric is more popular than Bill. Clearly the show is not following the book, so anything could happen.

  3. Based on. Based on the books, meaning they don’t have to follow each line, relationship, character. I love the show and I’ll be sad that my Summer Sunday nights won’t include True Blood after this season, but I’ll just have to have marathons every year lol. I love Alcide as well, but there was just something about Bill/Sookie

  4. I think it a good idea for Sookie and bill to get back together even after what they went through will make them a stronger couple. I want to see sookie and bill back together

  5. I hope its Eric and Sookie! They are made for each other and he adores her. Bill had his chance and blew it. Her and Alcide look awkward together.

  6. Sookie married Sam in the books. Eric marries the new queen in the books! After Dead I believe is the book where you find out what happens to each character

  7. Alcide straight up told Sookie after debbie died that he wants to follow his mind rather than his heart cause his heart kept bringing him back to debbie. He doesn’t truly love sookie. He just WANTS to..theyre better as friends. I loved eric and sookie but you’re Jennifer Richmond Hensley there’s something about sookie and bill:)

  8. Well maybe there is a chance for Sookie Bill get together in season 7. If Bill proved he has changed and wanna do right not only by Sookie but other things he had done. Gonna have to wait until that happens in season 7.

  9. Alcide is super sexy, but Eric is the man. Bill used to be sweet until he did what he did. But truthfully, i want Bill and Sookie to get back together

  10. No matter how it ends, Bill had a big impact on Sookie’s life. I’ll
    just leave it at that. It’s been a great ride, and I want to enjoy the
    show no matter how it turns out. But you gotta’ know I’m secretly
    rooting for Bill and Sookie being together at the end.

  11. There has been so much water under the bridge, unsure about these two getting back together…
    btw Great website design. Kudos!
    [Love the tabs to Social Media sites on the LHS margin]

  12. a good idea would be a reunion Bill & Sookie with some scenes we all want to see again and after that the death of Bill, to be happy the writer of the book who wants him dead. Then Sookie will continue with Sam

  13. Wouldn’t it be nice if they did a triad of possible outcomes and let us see all three. This has been a wonderful ride. Its going to be hard to see it end.

  14. The writers will do as they choose, of course, but I hope they creat a satisfying ending to this story. The book ending was slapped together, it seemed, and not at all satisfying. The author seemed to be bored and just wanted it ended. Hoping for better writing from the Trueblood people.

  15. @Lowrene O’Mary Meier When the books ended, Sookie was single. The last paragraph she says she does not know if she and Sam will still be together by Christmas but she’s OK with that. If you think they got married, you need to re-read.

  16. @Gillian Norman Yes, she and Alcide look awkward together but Sookie and Eric aren’t going to happen either. If you read the casting calls, they are casting a love interest for Eric, s French woman, and the character lasts all season.

  17. @Isabela Avalos They are only married in the vampire world in the books and the TV show has not followed the books since season 4.

  18. @Carolina Johnson Wouldn’t matter because the TV show has not even remotely followed the books since season 4. Reading the books would not give him any clues. Reading his script would. Don’t you people pay attention? Or do you just say these things because it’s what you’ve heard?

  19. Love this picture of them up above. I also hope they get back together.

    I’m amazed by all the people commenting here about how the books end and they are wrong. And even if the books ended how they think they did, it doesn’t matter because the TV show has not even remotely followed the books since season 4.

  20. I totally never want Bill and Sookie back together ever. Sookie and Eric or Sookie and Sam. It should end the same way books do. I have not read final book yet, but at the end of book 12 kind of seemed like it was heading to sookie and sam since she saved his life. Bill is a jerk, he turned into billith and did not listen to Sookie. I don’t want him to die, have not seen season 6 yet, but at the end of season 5 I absolutely hated Bill. Waiting on reruns on hbo to restart cause only had cable for 2 months.

  21. Eric, Bill and Sam; all three are not the most reputable of characters. Don’t forget that Sam committed some pretty despicable acts himself.  I love all three of them for different reasons but I believe that Bill & Sookie belong together in the long run.  That’s just the way I’d like to see it end however, there is a group of writers that will put their spin on it and goodness only knows what will happen.  I must say that I really thought Season Five was painful to watch due to such bad story-lines and Season Six redeemed the show until the last 15 minutes of the finale. So, with that being said who the heck knows who will end up with who. I just hope that with being a loyal fan and knowing that their are millions of loyal fans, that the writers give thoughtful consideration to each episode in the last season of the show.  It was such a fascinating and entertaining run that to fuck up the last year would simply be regrettable.

  22. i think they ought to introduce quinn-i know they are passed the timeline according to the books, but i really liked quinn(weretiger) in the books.

  23. bill got weird and crazy ……idk but alcide and sookie really just dont fit ……for some reason sookie and eric just looks perfect together however i dont see them getting together but hey i can still wish ……..i like eric the best…

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