Stephen Moyer – Auto Enthusiast

When I first saw Stephen Moyer in his role of Bill Compton on True Blood, I never dreamed that he was an avid auto enthusiast.  However, over the years we’ve learned just how fascinated Steve is with the automobile and that his tastes can run from what you’d expect to the “out of the ordinary” shall we say.

Our first real taste of Steve’s inclination toward with the four wheeled man fascination was when we saw that he drove an old jeep:

Then, in 2011, I got to watch Steve prepare for his race in the Toyota Grand Prix. It was an amazing day for me which I will never forget, and neither will the crowds, as he flipped his car on trial day but still won the prize for his charity.



Then, in 2014 he posted two photos of his 1940’s pickup truck on Instagram.

Below are the photos of his pickup truck that Stephen was restoring at the time.

Steve says: Went to see my 1940 Chevy pick up today @piccarwarehouse. It’s getting there slowly…. 

When we saw the truck photos, we vaguely remembered Stephen saying he was “like an old pickup truck” in an interview somewhere. Back when he was participating in the Toyota Grand Prix Pro/Celebrity Race, held in April 2011 in Long Beach, California, he was asked, on camera, “what type of car best fits his personality?”

He said:

I would be a big old pickup truck, 1950’s, smashed up, bad paint job, that’s me!

Read more about it here.

Times have changed and so have Stephen’s cars.

Now Steve’s old pickup truck is completely redone and Steve is getting rid of his Astin Martin.

Old pick up truck

He’s sold his Astin Martin and, apparently for a toy car :

Astin Martin

Screenshot 2016-02-09 12.36.58

We certainly don’t believe that one, but now he also has a Toy Volkswagen Bus. Maybe he’ll ride the kids around in it. PictureCarwarehouse where Steve commissioned the toy, posted about it on Instagram saying:

Our friend/client Stephen Moyer riding in style in his custom made Volkswagen Bus pedal car



  1. All those are beautyfuls cars, each in it’s class , the jeep strongly, the old Chevy pick up powefull and faithfull, the Aston so elegant, and the WW toy, I think all them are like Stephen hr could be elegant, strong, powerfull and funny…all in one man is too much.

  2. Thanks for chronicling Stephen’s car-truck-bus history. Fascinating! I, too, remember when he flipped his car at the Toyota Grand Prix race. Very, very scary! But he was okay, and as you said, won for his charity. Pretty amazing.

  3. All them are beautiful cars, each in their class , the jeep strongly, the old Chevy pick up powerful and reliable, the Aston so elegant, and the WW a toy, I think all them are like Stephen, he can be elegant, strong, powerful and funny…all this in the same man is too much! P.S.: We wish to see you in True Blood once again, we miss you!

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