Stephen Moyer appears on The Marilyn Denis Show

Stephen Moyer appeared yesterday on The Marilyn Denis Show in Toronto. He is there promote about his new show, The Gifted, but also more than ready to share the screen with love Anna Paquin again. We’re crossing our fingers it happens in his highly anticipated new show. Don’t miss the series premiere of The Gifted on Monday, October 2nd on CTV.

Marilyn Denis Show

Stephen talks about The Gifted, of course, but he also talks about how he and Anna got together. While most Stephen Moyer fans have heard the story before, it’s always great to hear Steve tell his version. He also discusses his four children and find out which of the twins is most like him.

He continues to discuss CASM’s film, The Parting Glass and the True Blood connection.

Below are some photos from the appearance:

Watch the interview below:

source: Marilyn Denis Show


  1. Now I’m curious about “the thing” Stephen and Marilyn are going to do together when he next comes on the show.

    I wondered why he didn’t mention that his daughter in The Gifted also has special powers. He just mentioned his son.

    He always gives a delightful interview. Thanks for providing.

  2. Loved the interview and I too am curious what Steve and Marilyn’s “the thing” will be next time he’s on her show.
    Thank you for providing the interview, it’s such a pleasure to hear and see more of Stephen.

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