Stephen Moyer answers questions on WEEV

Yesterday, Stephen Moyer was interviewed from Wales, where he is filming “The Bastard Executioner” via his new mobile app, WEEV.

Screenshot 2015-04-17 09.24.23

Adam and the Weevers asked Stephen a range of questions, but for me, the most interesting question and reply came when he was asked why he considers himself a “lapsed athiest.”

Stephen’s reply was wonderful:

“I just stopped not believing and being a “naysayer” and beautiful things started to happen.”

It’s very typical of him to be so poetic and positive. Also, we’re glad wonderful things are happening for our favorite actor.

Oh, and when asked what Alexander Skarsgård was really like he replied:

“Alexander Skarsgård is a tall, beautiful, drunken puppy who is 6′ 4”.

Watch this video review of WEEV here:

Why not download WEEV and join in on the conversation yourself.  Steve has been interviewed several times on the APP, so I’m sure he’ll do so again. DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

Oh, and by the way, many have been wondering if Stephen will be sporting a “beard” in his role of Milus Corbett in TBX. The photos of Stephen riding his horse, Quinton that we posted yesterday did seem to indicate that the answer to the question was yes, but there was no telling if those photos were recent. Well, now we have a definitive answer which is decidedly “yes,” from this WEEV video interview.

See two photos from the WEEV interview below:

steveinterviewweev41615 steveonweev41615-1



  1. What a heartfelt definition of “lapsed atheist.”  So happy that beautiful things are happening for him.  I figured he’d sport some sort of beard in TBX.  Will it be short or a fuller one?  Time will tell.

  2. Can’t use WEEV app without Apple products, correct?  Sadly I don’t have.  I did like Stephen’s answer to the athiest question, thanks for sharing.

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