Stephen Moyer Answers Fan Questions on WEEV


Stephen Moyer is having a great time playing around with his new app WEEV. Yesterday he asked fans to send in questions that he would answer with a WEEV video message.

Take a look and a listen at the questions and answers.


  1. Y u have to end true blood n y did u and sookie didn’t end together? She is pregnant with ur kids when ended? Can’t send to many unanswered questions

  2. Ok,I got to ask how did Pam get untied it end four years after bills death Who was her husband I think you seed a extra .

  3. J’ai adoré True Blood et tellement triste de voir la fin, j’ai découvert cette série en France il y a peu de temps. Je suis devenue une fidèle. Bonne continuation à tous ses acteurs et actrices ! Quel beau couple que forme Stephen et Anna !

  4. It was great fun to look and listen in.  Thanks to Stephen and the questioners for a most enjoyable WEEV experience.

  5. Por que tuvo que morir Bill? No es justo, si el amor era verdadero elle se huviese convertido en vampiro y asi huviesen estado juntos por siempre.=( =(

  6. I can’t believe Bill and Sookie didn’t end up together… It totally ruined the ending… I’m so disappointed.. Bill should not have died!!!

  7. Just did a re-visit, and enjoyed the questions and Stephen’s answers even more the second time around.  Thanks so much for making this available to us.

  8. Where have you been all those seven seasons? Vampires can not have children!!!! In any paradigm vampires are bot able to conceive! Only in twilight they broke that rule and because is a stupid movie, they should have the right to call twilight characters a vampire! Those are not vampires!

  9. do a prequelof everyone’s past lives Before The True Blood! producers I’ll send you my bill Lol copy written

  10. The Yacuzza (sp?) untied Pam because Eric admitted that Sookie knew about the cure, and, because the Yacuzza were headed for Sookie’s house, Eric must have told them where she lived.  They threatened to kill Pam IF Eric didn’t tell.  No, vampires can’t have children, that’s why Bill told Sookie at her house that he wanted her to be able to have children, which he couldn’t give her.  Of course, in reality Sookie could have had a baby by artificial insemination, so Bill didn’t have to die or even get out of her life for her to have kids.

  11. Oh, and thanks to Stephen for the WEEV Q & A session.  He is always interesting and entertaining and he is very generous to his fans with his time.  What a great guy!

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