Stephen Moyer answers Fan Questions on Twitter

Stephen Moyer TwitterStephen Moyer just finished up his very first fan Q&A on Twitter. He came to us live from London where he is enjoying some well deserved family time.

Read the complete Q&A on Stephen’s Twitter account.

Although Stephen’s answers were limited to only 140 characters we did learn a couple of interesting new things.

For example the answer to the question on everybody’s lips: “Who is Sookie’s mystery man?”

Stephen Moyer tweet 1

Stephen also took the opportunity to thank the fans.

Stephen Moyer tweet 2


We give you a couple of the most interesting questions and answers.

Stephen Moyer tweet 3Stephen Moyer tweet 4


  1. Did he really said who’s the guy with Spoke at the end?!
    He is an amazing person. True Blood had an amazing cast. They were all brilliant. RIP true blood!!!

  2. Why would Sookie Marry some guy she didn’t know loves try blood but what you writers did to it this year you should be saked and never work again.

  3. Have you noticed that last scene with Eric was copied and pasted from season 3 ep2 and that dancer was Yvette? They just changed white color of her lace to pink. I’m disappointed.

  4. Great Ending to a Great Show. I cried when Bill took the True Death. I’m really looking forward to your movies.

  5. Good Ending for Eric and Pam……..but many questions were still left unanswered….
    1. Who saved Eric when he was burning on the mountains?
    2. How was Sookie able to hear Bill’s thoughts?
    and lastly……
    3.Who was Sookie’s mystery man?

  6. so now we know who the man was,but in the show it still doesn’t clear up the fact of what his part was,,,got it,she is pregnant !!

  7. Thanks for this.  I’ll check out Stephen’s Twitter for a more comprehensive look.  Still very upset by the Bill’s true death.  I don’t expect that feeling to go away any time soon.

  8. Someone asked Stephen on twitter if it was hard for him to film Bill dying.  He answered that it was very hard.  That really made me tear up, because Stephen loved Bill.  He played Bill for 7 years and really loved him.  I knew Stephen would be sad at the show ending, but had not considered how hard it was for him to have Bill die.  He’s had to mourn the loss of Bill, just like his fans are.  I don’t know why, but it made me feel a little better about it.  Can’t really explain it, except maybe that we are connected to Stephen in our love and loss of Bill.

  9. I’m glad to know at least “Sookie” is with “Bill” in real life……lol I can at least take some solace in that….

  10. Stephen I have watched all the seasons of TRUE BLOOD twice and I never get tired of it . Thanks to you and Anna for keeping me entertained and if I was Anna i would have married you too lol good job

  11. Bill’s death left me devastated. At least Stephen said the writers
    consider turning him back human, If only they went this route we would
    have been happy. After he tweeted last night, I felt a bit better.

  12. so sad….. I wish it did not have to end…….I just have to buy 4 more seasons and I can watch them when ever I want….. but really gunna miss the show and all of the awesome characters….

  13. You are just too cute! We can always see that sence of joy for life and adventure – must be why Anna decided on you. Best wishes on future ventures

  14. Love True Blood, however I was very sad about the end, you end up hurting many fans, the main vampire series, dies at the end and Sokkie gets pregnant from a man who never even saw. Please WHAT was that?! :(

  15. Love the pic haha!!!! Had a good time seeing this show and now all of yall are my favorite actors and actresses because of True Blood. Peace out from texas! It was an awesome show i cant believe its over but it is. Gonna miss it.

  16. Even though Sookie and Bill didn’t get a happy ever after at least Stephen and Anna did so all is good in my world.

  17. Hello gorgeous ( Stephen Moyer),I loved the last show i have watched them all,was sadden of your death but the way i saw it was you wanted to be with your family more then ever and you wanted sookie to be able to have a family of her own one day knowing that wouldn’t happen if you stayed alive.Im going to miss that cheeking smile.Seeing everyone around the table showed that years had gone by and sookie moved on and found her love and started a family as everyone else did.It does leave the door open for it to return in the near future too wink wink lol. Not as true blood but as New blood ?:)

  18. Thanks for sharing the link on here to the twitter answers. I don’t have a twitter as well, and that helped alot.

  19. She married a stunt man that the writers thought had the best arms. Her husband is insignificant. The idea is that she finally got her normal life. I hated, hated the ending!!!

  20. 1.  Eric told someone, don’t remember who, that he caused an avalanche that wiped out a ski lodge or a whole town, not sure.  He must have rolled in the snow, becoming a human snowball to stop the burning and keep the sun off of him.  2.  It seems like Bill was becoming more human as the vampire was dying from hepV.  He body was warm, also. 3. The mystery man was Sookie’s husband (or significant other) 4 years after Bill’s death.  Showing his face was not important, the point was to show Sookie happy and having a baby, like Bill wanted.

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