Stephen Moyer to answer Twitter questions after True Blood Finale

stephen-moyerWhile True Blood may be ending tomorrow, at least we get one more chance to ask Bill Compton some questions. Stephen Moyer will answer your Twitter questions tomorrow at 11pm after Sunday night’s finale.  Ask your questions now and use the #RIPTrueBlood.


Watch the video where Stephen says: I’ll b live on Weev & Twitter to answer any q’s. Come join me!
at the link below:





  1. Oh dear, another late Sunday night!  Wonderful to have Stephen answering questions. I hope not to be too gutted by the ending, but will be sad nonetheless. Words from Steve should help us feel better.

  2. I’m not on Twitter, but for those fans who are, don’t pass up the opportunity to ask Stephen questions.  I’ll be crying and drinking wine, repeatedly.

  3. I asked a question, but I know I will have so many more once I’ve seen the finale.  I’m already upset and the show doesn’t start for almost 12 hours.  So typical of Stephen to answer questions for the fans.  Love him more, if that’s possible!

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