Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin Talk Working Together

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin talk about their very first episode of True Blood and working together on True Blood and about the end of the show.

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They also discuss their auditions for the True Blood roles, their very first scene together and Stephen directing his wife as well as having the twins and their new rescue dog, Dave. Stephen even starts to sing “Hard Hearted Hannah,” which is very welcome to hear.

And, also during the interview the couple talked about what they took from the set.



  1. Anna has not cut her hair. This was filmed before Anna dyed her hair. She has it in a bun. If you watch the video you’ll see.

  2. I wait to watch it till I have time to enjoy a glass of something nice to it.A Friday evening with Stephen and Anna :)

  3. I will miss True Blood!! And you guys!! I really wanted to go to comic con this year but it was not to be. If I did I would have asked the panel this question: if you could take home a supernatural power, what would it be and how would you use it??

  4. I was wondering what was meant by the “pixie ” comment, thanks for clearing that up.  Stephen is too funny and so charming, great interview.  I will  miss them.

  5. This was delightful … funny, sweet, sad; I got teary at the end.  Bill
    and Sookie, Stephen and Anna … it’s been a joy.  Thanks for the
    journey.  What a glorious one it has been!!!

  6. Was a wonderful interview! Heart felt , I could feel! Lovee them both ! And especially together! Can’t wait to see them in future endeavors!

  7. OMG I LOVE THAT INTERVIEW!!!  So lighthearted and fun!! I wanted it to keep going. lol! I had to keep re-watching parts. :)

  8. Oh no Bill got done shooting before Sookie that means they kill him, no! Either way we love you both many blessings for you and your family.

  9. Lovely interview! “I got to take home a cute English Dude.” best line ever!
    they are so gracious and meant for each other. you can see the love just attaching them to each other.
    will miss this show so much.

  10. great interview I’ll miss trueblood n king Bill n sookie I pray sookie n Bill are at the end dear God please I don’t want her with Eric

  11. I was wondering in about which was the first episodes it was that you did with Anna that you had fallen in love with her and yall were actually a young couple in love working together in this awesome series. I thought he might would ask that. Could you tell us????

  12. All the very best for you both and your family in the coming years! Thank You for the great entertainment over the past seven !

  13. So sad that True Blood has come to an end but I thank you for your fantastic acting and story for the past 7 years and have been kept glued to the TV every episode. Good luck in your careers and look forward to seeing what you both do in the future xx

  14. Love the show! Going to miss you in my living room every summer. Wish you both well. Hope to see you act together again soon. Screen or stage!

  15. Love the Show so sad to see it end I wish there was at least a season eight even number season’s and lets face it more Sookie, Bill, Eric, Pam there will not be a show to replace True Blood …….Wish you All Well :) ……Also Have fun with the Twins

  16. I’m a nubie to your show and started to watch it only two months ago. I’m up to Season 5 now. I have to say it’s probably the most unique show I’ve ever watched. I love the openess, strange story lines, and of course, the hot men and sexy scenes! Best of luck on your life’s new adventures! Ana Bustamante

  17. I was glad to see you answer questions from his fans.
    I particularly special affection for you and for Ana.
    I’ve seen the show three times and watching every week.
    You are a beautiful … love your family …
    I hope to see more work of you future, keep me informed …

  18. Love these two people. Best wishes for continued success. Hanging in there until the end of TB, even though it’s killing me.

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