Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin support “Slates for Sarah”

Last week, HBO published the photo below of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin showing their support for “Slates for Sarah.” I didn’t realize at the time, how horrific the story of Sarah’s death was until I read the article about it on “The Hollywood Reporter” today. I was just floored that this sort of thing could have happened and I just hope that it never happens again. I strongly suggest that you read the article by The Hollywood Reporter,” to learn more about what actually happened.

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We’re glad that Steve and Anna too support Sarah and hope that something will be done to end unnecessary tragedies like this.



The video below tells more about the story:



  1. The metal tressle looks desperately unsafe. Should they even have
    filmed there? Where were the safety precautions? Where were
    representatives from the railroad? They should have been present with
    schedules and means of communication with train operators. It very much
    sounds like permission was never given. And because of it, a
    beautiful, vibrant young woman lost her life. Horrific!! Never

  2. Prayers to all cast and crew members. May God watch over everyone and protect them through tough times. Also prayers to the family and friends of Sarah Jones.

  3. lynnpd Rowena75I did read the article, but there seemed to be some confusion about whether permission was or was not given.  Maybe the confusion was mine.

  4. That is not an accident, it was pure negligence. Someone needs to be punished for this poor girl’s death.

  5. What a great loss to her parents and the people and family that loved her. I just hope that the person or persons that didn’t do their jobs because they wanted to save money and look the other way carry this burden with them. They should never be allowed to dork in the business again and should be run out of town on a rail

  6. AWESOME>>> thanks for sharing your support.  I did not know her personally, but have a lot of friends in the industry and film program at SCAD.  The support for this is amazing!  Hopefully her death will continue to be noticed, and that safety will become a bigger concern overall for everyone (cast and crew).

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