Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Denis O’Hare with CASM films hits Karlovy Vary

The CASM Productions group are currently attending the Karlovy Vary International Film festival in a small spa town in the Czech Republic for a premiere of their film, The Parting Glass. Stephen flew from Atlanta to the Czech Republic to attend this event and mentioned on Twitter that he hadn’t slept in 36 hours. I hope he gets some rest soon.  However, I know he is probably due back to continue filming The Gifted in Atlanta, so he’ll probably be on a plane back to the states later tonight.

Here are some of the photos that have come out for the event so far:

Karlovy Vary

To see all the photos we continue to gather from this event go here:

Thanks to @casmfilms, @denisohare, @smoyer, @CeriseLarkin, @AnnaPaquin, @markowenlarkin, @markmallorca, and the fans @moyachirps and @denisohareonFB Twitter for their efforts in creating and finding many of these photos.

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