Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Denis O’Hare with CASM films hits Karlovy Vary

The CASM Productions group are currently attending the Karlovy Vary International Film festival in a small spa town in the Czech Republic for a premiere of their film, The Parting Glass. Stephen flew from Atlanta to the Czech Republic to attend this event and mentioned on Twitter that he hadn’t slept in 36 hours. I hope he gets some rest soon.  However, I know he is probably due back to continue filming The Gifted in Atlanta, so he’ll probably be on a plane back to the states later tonight.

Here are some of the photos that have come out for the event so far:

Karlovy Vary

To see all the photos we continue to gather from this event go here:

Thanks to @casmfilms, @denisohare, @smoyer, @CeriseLarkin, @AnnaPaquin, @markowenlarkin, @markmallorca, and the fans @moyachirps and @denisohareonFB Twitter for their efforts in creating and finding many of these photos.


  1. I’ve gone to the Photo Gallery, and can’t get past the 4th picture (I’ve tried on two computers). So, I’ll try again later. Thanks for all the goodies. Hopefully, I’ll be able to access them all at some point.

  2. I did, and had success. Thanks, Lynn, for the suggestion; and thanks to all those who provided the pictures.

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