Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin share True Blood Season 7 Themes



True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin were interviewed by E recently about the upcoming premiere of their film “Free Ride.” During that talk they also reveal some tidbits about True Blood Season 7 in the video below. They talk about how True Blood kicked off the TV vampire craze and what we can expect in Season 7. Anna doesn’t yet know much the new season, but since Stephen will be directing the first episode, he shared the following:

  • He’s read the first three (3) episodes and he reckons he is probably the only one of the cast who has read the first three.
  • Season 7 will begin where Season 6 left off with what looks like the beginning of a battle. So, it would be fair to assume that that has to be resolved.
  • There’s a vampire disease, HepV and that is going to play a large part in this season.
  • Bill and Sam got together and came up with the idea that each human should have another vampire as protection so that’s another theme that will follow throughout.

Stephen mentioned in an earlier interview that he had to report to the set today at 6am to start production on episode 1 of True Blood, so we’re off and running for the new season folks!

Watch the video to hear all of this:



  1. Thanks for providing.  Some of the tidbits about S 7 were not surprising … at the end of last season we saw the infected vampires arriving at the bar, now taken over by Arlene.  Also, the vampire-human one on one for the humans’ protection had been initiated.  Good to know that there is no time gap between the end of 6 and the beginning of 7.  Lovely to hear Stephen and Anna discussing the show, and the popularity of the whole fantasy genre.  True Blood has certainly helped lead the way in that respect.

  2. I wish these far E vids would play on my iPad, but at least the screen shots and info are great to see/read! Beautiful couple.

  3. What a great interview! This is the first time I have heard that there are already three episodes written and that it takes off right where it ended last year! This sounds so promising I am getting excited again for the show to start !!
    Thanks so much for posting this, it was very good!  Aren’t they both looking so great? Anna is beautiful and her smile is just gorgeous! Of course, Stephen is handsome as usual.  
    SO CURIOUS as to what will happen!

  4. I’m gonna so miss trueblood please let it be a joke there playing on us die hard trueblood fans that it’s ending I will pee my self after EPISODE 10 they say surprise TRUE blood isn’t ending we fooled our fans, my Fav fairy and vampire on TRUEBLOOD please make them marry n get there fairy tale wedding ,no one is better for Sookie then king BILL

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