Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Enjoy Meeting the Fans caught up with Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin at PaleyFest 2011. While the two were very coy about spilling any secrets on the show’s upcoming season, Stephen did give one small hint.

meeting the fans

We go to a different place than we’ve ever been to before. The show starts place,” Moyer says before hesitating, “The show doesn’t start in Bon Temps.”

I think that’s enough,” Paquin told Moyer. In the video below we learn more about what they had to say when both specifically thanked the fans.

When asked if the couple enjoyed meeting fans of the show at events like PaleyFest, Paquin jumped in with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Because those are the people that watch our show, that ultimately, we do the show for,” the actress added. “This is what it comes down to. We are in the entertainment business and it’s the people that we are entertaining that we are ultimately working for.

As for staying in touch with fans, Moyer says, “Neither of us Tweet, yet.

Paquin adds, “We do end up running into the same people at some of these sort of event s who will very loyally show up and cover what’s going on with the show and the cast members.

Stephen went on to talk about the fan sites and how they have been so generous to support many of the cast members “causes”. He said that they like this sort of event because many of them come and we can “pay them back”.

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  1. It’s good to know that they generally mentioned our support! I’m also glad they have confirmed they don’t tweet. I hate people who create fake celeb accounts.

  2. I love that Steve talks and then Anna’s like, ok that’s enough. They’re such a great team!

    Hmmmm. I wonder if we start in fairyworld? I can’t imagine it would be Shreveport or Jackson as neither would be much of a surprise. Seems like we’re in for a lot of differences this season that maybe we haven’t encountered in prior seasons. Innnnnnteresting.

  3. Thanks for another great clip of our fave talented, beautiful couple – personally, I think they”d be very wise to continue to steer clear of Twitter. I’m with you on all you say filmchick & Lou.

  4. Delightful vid. Stephen and Anna complement each other beautifully. We got a tease about Season 4 from Stephen. My guess, like Lou’s thought, is that the season begins in the land of the fae.

    They speak so highly of the fans’ support. That’s lovely to hear. I’m glad they confirmed that they do not tweet.

    This is another in a series of wonderful Stephen-Anna videos we’ve had from Paley. The goodies from that weekend just keep coming.

  5. Yes, my bet is on Fairyland too! Glad they don’t tweet. I think they have too much to do in their lives, anyhow.

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