Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin date night at The Who concert

Stephen and Anna took the night of from the twins and attended the concert of The Who at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Stephen and Pete Townshend have known each other since the early 1990’s when Stephen had a role in Townshend rock opera the Iron Man.

You can learn more about the Iron Man on the dedicated page, we even have scans of the original program.



  1. What a perfect couple…looking wonderful ! Guess I didn’t get that job of nanny lol . Can’t wait till June . Glad to see you put and about .

  2. I am delighted to see Stephen and Anna enjoying an evening out.  However, I have mixed feelings about the videos following them around.  For the fans the end result is wonderful; maybe not so much for Stephen and Anna.

    1. @Rowena75 It’s a public event, for their careers it would be a lot worse if nobody cared about them enough to take photos or video.

  3. Well, Rowena , it is a public event…*shrug* What was Steve refusing to sign? I know there’s certain things they won’t sign.

  4. Anna & Stephen need to stop going around with decoy babies . The daily mail has pictures of him holding the carrier with suppose to be two babies in it . But when he is holding the carrier itis plain to see there are no babies under there . They are ready had nannies for the kids already . smart move .  i don’t understand why no names , boy  or girl have been announced though . What can that hurt ?

  5. Great to see Stephen and Anna out for a concert!  They both look super hot and fit.  I must say, as much as I feel badly for everyday fans not getting an autograph when they are waiting and hoping at a public event. in this case, these guys are mostly  those hounds who sell them for $, and I just don’t feel that badly when they don’t get one.
    Love the car and the roar of that engine!

  6. I love seeing them out and about…but I’m on the edge of the double-edged sword, I hate the paparazzi and what they do and how they’ve gotten worse in their pursuit and intrusiveness to the private lives of certain celebrities and their children.  It’s no wonder why Stephen and Anna have kept the twins identity secret, though I wish they had revealed them to Stephen’s loyal fans here.

  7. No celeb with even half a brain signs a white paper with a blue pen, they can print any photo they want on that and make it look like the celeb signed it. I doubt there were any real fans there, those were all ebay mafia and they don’t deserve an autograph.

  8. It looks like the Aston Martin is Stephen’s new toy – mmmm, the gentle roar of the engine made him grin from ear to ear, and Anna loved it too!  Bet Stephen’s in heaven driving that gorgeous machine!

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