Stephen Moyer Again Steps Behind the Camera to Direct True Blood

In the latest casting call for True Blood it has been revealed that Stephen Moyer will once again work behind the camera as director when filming of Season 6 begins. Stephen will direct episode 1 of the new season which is titled, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

Stephen’s first experience in Season 5, directing episode 8, proved his skill as he was applauded by cast and crew and the fans for having done a wonderful job,  We also applaud the fact that he is once again given the opportunity to show more of his abilities.  Stephen will be working closely, of course with writer of the episode, Raelle Tucker.

The casting call which was published on 11/29/12 looks for the following new characters for this episode:

[AUTHORITY GUARD #1] This armed and fanged Authority guard vamps into the AHO Control Room and sees something he can’t believe…CO-STAR

[OFFICER HARTZELL, OFFICER RUSCIO] MALE, 30S – 40S. These two gruff looking Caddo Parish sheriff deputies politely come to Sam’s house…CO-STAR SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

source: True Blood Bookies on Facebook



  1. Great news! Stephen directing again and the first episode of the new season. I am so happy for him and know he will do an excellent job.

  2. The first episode of the new season?   This is another feather in Stephen’s cap!
    There’s a lot of pressure to make the first episode particularly enticing.   It’s usually packed with information to get the audience up to date on the previous season, and start the story progression for the rest of the episodes.
    Stephen has surely proven himself to be more than worthy of the challenge.  I am so happy for him!
    Congratulations, Stephen!

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