Stephen Moyer, An Actor Obsessed With the Quality Made in Italy

Stephen Moyer has been chosen by Vogue Italia for a feature. They have taken some of Stephen’s recent looks and found items in their Italian collection that match his outfits. Below is the look he wore at Mr. Porter and Simon Spurr’s Dinner last May. They have also done the same with three other Stephen’s outfits, a casual look, his Tom Ford suit at the Season 4 Premiere, and the all black look that he wore at the 2011 PaleyFest event.

Stephen is a lover of the Italian style in all its variation. He has gone from mod style, the style typical of the 60’s in London by playing with pencil pants, polo shirts,  sweaters  and bowling shoes, a more casual look, revisited in the country. If the combined formal occasions is a must, at age 42, for Moyer, leisure shows a preference for wearing cinque tasche denim Bermuda military and T-shirts, perhaps this look is more comfortable to play with his two children, Billy and Lilac. The actor also has a weakness for boots. Among his favorites are those of Fiorentini + Baker, the Italian brand, beloved by Hollywood stars, which this year celebrates its tenth year: a choice that sounds like a declaration of love by Moyer for all that is synonymous of craftsmanship and quality.

Click on the image to go to the site and see the other looks.



  1. I don’t know the ins and outs of Italian fashion. I just know that Stephen always looks fantastic, no matter what he wears.

    Visited the site, saw the looks. I was impressed. Kudos to Stephen on his excellent taste.

  2. I’ve really loved the suits that Stephen Moyer wore this past Season.
    He cleans up real nicely!!
    And I love to see him in suits or a tux.
    Maybe it has something to do with his being of English decent???
    Englanders always seem to look like they should be dressed in suits.
    They being an aristocratic race,you know “to the Manor borne”
    Same goes for men from Italy,Sweden,France,Spain

  3. Stephen has a great sense of style so of course he appreciates and leans toward quality clothing and design. He wears the clothes, they don’t wear him. Let’s face it, wheither he is knocking around in cargo shorts and t-shirts or jeans and a nice shirt he looks great. And nobody looks better in a suit or tux. All designers are not created equally and it is obvious Stephen is selective whose clothing he wears.

    * I want to see him again in that long jacket he wore to the PCA last year paired with boots, dark black jeans and a crisp dark shirt. Oh yeah…

  4. Whether it’s McQueen, Tom Ford, or the Italian lines, Stephen wears a suit like no one else! I am also really impressed with the Italian shoes he wears – just fabulous!

    Stephen goes so easily from cargo shorts and t-shirts to designer clothing – just another example of a man who is confident and comfortable with himself.

  5. Stephen knows how to wear a suit like no one else!
    Whether he’s wearing Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, or an Italian designer, he just looks smashing!
    And I love his boots and shoes. This man moves so easily from shorts and tee shirt, to jeans and leather jacket, to suits and ties – he just knows how and when to wear what – and hits the mark every time!

  6. Hooray that the world discovers what we already know: Stephen’s body is built to wear a suit! No one else looks better than him!

  7. Oh yeah, Stephen in a suit is something incredible and fabulous! I can’t believe he is not and English lord. Maybe we should better study his genealogy?

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