Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker cover TV Guide Magazine

Stephen Moyer and and his “The Gifted” co-star Amy Acker are featured on the cover of TV Guide Magazine and a full article is inside about their new show.

It’s great to see Stephen on the cover of a magazine again.  Great cover!

We’ll be adding this to our Magazine cover section here on the website and hope to be adding many more!

Steve has graced many covers, especially when he was in True Blood.  The Gifted starts on FOX on October 2, don’t miss out!  While you wait, why not check out our Movie & TV Page devoted to The Gifted where we have all the info you need.  As more info comes out, we’ll be adding lots of information there.

TV Guide Magazine

Read the full article in the magazine by clicking on the images below:



  1. Wow … terrific that Stephen and Amy are on the cover! I appreciate having the entire article since I don’t always get TV Guide. Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you for providing, I am thrilled to see Stephen on the cover of TV Guide for his new series The Gifted with his co-star. So excited for the show.

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