Stephen Moyer in Grease 30 years ago courtesy of Anna Paquin

This morning, Anna Paquin posted a photo on Twitter of Stephen Moyer in an “all canary colored” production of Grease which she said was from 30 years ago. We couldn’t resist posting it here and adding it to our biographical info about our favorite actor, producer, and director. I guess making everyone wear the same color was a cool idea and, I think canary looks good on Steve, don’t you?

See Anna’s Tweet and the photo below:

Shortly after she posted it, Stephen posted his reply (see below):

Ha, could a photo battle be starting for the couple?  Stay tuned…….!

We thank you so much Anna for sharing such a precious photo with us!  See Stephen in the middle of the crowd right up front and in the first row! Click on the image for a larger view. Looks great, don’t you think?

Biography - Stephen Moyer in Grease 30 years ago.
Stephen Moyer in “Grease.” Click on the image for a larger view

We have a pretty extensive Biography section here at with lots of photos from Steve’s past, present and maybe even future, LOL!  

Click on the banner below to learn more about Steve!

We are very grateful for Anna sharing such a lovely photo!  Thanks Anna!


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