Stephen and Topher speak Russian… sort of

Interview about The Double with PopSugar and we even hear Stephen speak Russian!

Stephen Moyer and Topher Grace might play adversaries in their new spy thriller The Double, but when we talked to them at a recent press day for the movie, the guys were in a friendly — and funny — mood. The duo even showed off a little bit of the Russian they learned for their roles as an FBI agent (Topher) and Russian operative (Stephen) and critiqued each others’ accents! Stephen and Topher also talked about being intimidated by their costar, Richard Gere, and Topher admitted that his biggest challenge in the film was playing the father of an infant. Check out our interview, and catch The Double in select theaters starting today.

speak russian


  1. Well, greatly disappointed! There is no Russian except this “da”. I dreamt of hearing Stephen whith 2-3 words at least. But I still forgive him because it is impossible not to forgive such a gorgeos man and wonderful actor! I want to see that film!
    (Sorry, probably someone dislikes my comments and they are deleted but this film is so interesting for me because it is something like about my own country :) )

      1. It was NOT a language at all. Yes he is much more confident then Tofer who actually said a Russian “yes”. But he is a good actor and good imitator. Of cause we have many words with “sh”, “tch” and other hissing sounds but there are not so much as Stephen thinks :) I’ll gladly teach him some of our words too!

  2. Holding a baby … piece of cake. Okay, I’m a mom. I can see where that could be intimidating. I thought Stephen’s Russian sounded quite polished. Of course I have no idea what he is saying. Stephen and Topher are very comfortable together. The interview goes back and forth between the two with ease.

    Another delightful Doubles interview. Thanks for the find and for posting.

  3. Very nice interview! Stephen and Topher were both polite and accomodating to the other, which makes this type of interview fun to watch. I love Stephen’s “russian” – so funny!
    I got a kick out of Topher’s fear of holding a baby. I guess he hasn’t been around too many, especially if he called the baby “it!”

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