Spoilers: Synopsis for the FINAL episode of True Blood Season 7

SPOILERSASMSQUAREIt’s with great sadness that I post this synopsis just released for True Blood’s final episode which airs on August 24. The title of the episode is “”Thank You.”‘

The Synopsis for the last ever episode 7.10 is:

Sookie (Anna Paquin) weighs a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer). Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee). Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a choice, while Andy (Chris Bauer) comes upon an unexpected inheritance.

This final episode is written by Brian Buckner and directed by Scott Winant; two of True Blood’s best!

NOTE: One thing I think we can be pretty sure of by reading the synopsis is that, Sookie, Bill, Eric, Pam and Sam are still alive in the finale.

source: spoilerTV


  1. Still think Sookie is going to turn Bill human with the last of her fairy powers. He will give the money he earned as king to Andy. The last frame will be of Bill looking over Sookie’s shoulder, but this time she will be holding his baby, not blackness.

  2. I figured someone would of turned her by now.. And if they would of followed the books more we wouldnt be ending the series.. Frowny face….

  3. How is it possible there’s only 2 episodes left? I don’t think I can handle this :( :( really. I can’t handle it

  4. Bill needs to join his wife , why else were they showing his past so much. I think Sookie gets turned by Eric, but that’s only if Jason is killed.

  5. Omg , on jason? Andy , ,inheritance, will be from bill, 4 all the pain he has placed on his family! Plus he can take care for her,! Bill , can’t do that $$$$! It doesn’t mention, Jessica, jason , also wade ,, adlyn, or jason you would think he’s loved, he won’t die ! Know it’s got to be main one ! Butt????

  6. They are only showing flashbacks of Bill’s life to put a more human spin on him – illustrate his yearning for his human life.

  7. I’m going to miss this Show, I have watched it faithfully since episode 1 Season 1!! What will have to look forward to now on my Sunday evenings??? UGH! :(

  8. To show that he is not a bad person. Before he went bat shit crazy as a vampire god. Is the point of the flashbacks.

  9. Hmmmm so if Bill is still alive in the finale possibly… I wonder what “major” character we are saying goodbye too this week?!?!?!?

  10. It’s already been confirmed in a cast interview that the final frame will be with all of the Bon Temps townspeople around a table.

  11. In Season 3, Russell alluded to fairies resurrecting dead vampires…… Also, I feel that Sookie and Bill’s conversation in one of the earlier seasons was about what their lives would be like if they were normal was somehow prophetic.

  12. Niall said something about magic in the ordinary and showed her Bill’s life as a human. That may mean something too – cryptically.

  13. I think Bill will die, Andy will inherit his estate. Maybe Mr. Gus learns of fairy blood? Eric turns sookie to protect her

  14. I think Eric sneaks Bill the cure and Jessica and Hoyt get together. Sams baby is born but his girlfriend dies in childbirth. I think it is Pam that dies and Eric turns Sookie. But just my thought.

  15. I wanted Sookie turned. I want Sookie and Eric to be together. The only inheritance I see Andy getting is Bill’s estate once he dies. I would be sad if Bill died. I really wanted everyone to have a happy ending.

  16. If Andy gets an unexpected inheritance, doesn’t that mean that Bill dies – and leaves Andy his money? After all, Andy and Portia are his only living relatives.

  17. Bill you better drink that bitches blood and be cured or else. We can’t have you have the true death. I will not be pissed

  18. No bill is giving the estate to jessica….bill is going to die and eric will be with sookie they have a huge sex scene coming

  19. As far as him turning her idk that would be awsome and possible……what about jason cuz him and hoyt gets into it i wonder if one will get killed

  20. They said in the final episode Bill, Sookie, Sam, pam and eric would still be alive. I think Jessica or Jason will be the next ones to die, probably killed by Jason’s crazy girlfriend . Sookie is either going to turn Bill to a human or their going to have a baby.

  21. I don’t want Bill to die. He can’t. The whole story was about love. If Bill dies, the whole story is just wrong

  22. I’m guessing the unexpected inheritance is somehow connected with Bill.. in the books, he ‘left’ Andy’s grandma money from a ‘distant relative'(not letting them know it was him), in order for her to restore the old estate/home to it’s former ‘glory’ and take care of his only living descendants.

  23. What am I going to do next summer? Read all the books and faithfully watched since it’s aired! I’m really going to miss you all on Sunday nights in the summer!

  24. Kill a vampire? What are u referring to Amy Gentry? Her fairy powers? Niall did say that he could not, or more specially that ‘magic’ could not save bill but I don’t remember anything about it killing a vampire…it could be the theme “forgiveness” that ultimately saves him along w/her blood…but who knows we will have to wait & see

  25. Interesting theory, definitely think if sookie is turned it will be done by Eric but I think bill would kill Eric for turning her lol

  26. I think the ‘love triangle’ that the writers alluded to as being resolved (in that on of 3 dies) for this Sundays episode isn’t referring to bill, sookie, & Eric like many May think but rather Jessica, Hoyt, & Jason, likely meaning Jason may the one who dies – hope I’m wrong :(

  27. Jason’s crazy girlfriend – violet is already dead (she died in last weeks episode) – but I do agree or think that Jason is next on the chopping block, possibly by Hoyt

  28. It only makes sence that Bill & Sookie end together – he was her first and you always love your first no matter the outcome!

  29. AeonAngel, no, actually, while sookie and eric were seen as married under vampire tradition, it was done to protect her from some bad guy vegas vamps who took over the Louisiana territory when Sofie Anne was killed. In the end of the entire series, however, Sookie ends up with Sam, which did not sit very well with a lot of fans, if I remember correctly. Also, Sookie did NOT know she was technically being married to Eric… she was told to present him with a ceremonial knife, I think..but did not know what it meant until after the fact.

  30. Whatever the outcome is, it’s gonna shock us like True Blood always does. I’m gonna miss watching this show in the summer :'(

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