Spoilers for Hour 9 of Shots Fired: “Come to Jesus”

Shots Fired upcoming episode titled “Hour 9: Come to Jesus starring Stephen Moyer as Lieutenant Breeland, will feature an investigation on the Sheriff’s Department which will scrutinize Sheriff Platt and Lieutenant Breeland.

Even Stephen Moyer himself tweeted that this is going to be a BIG episode for Lt. Breeland. See his tweet below:

Click below to reveal the Hour 9 spoilers if you would like to know what happens before the next episode airs.


The Sheriff’s Department will be thoroughly investigated after a surprising discovery about the Auxiliary Deputy program. This will leave Lieutenant Breeland and Sheriff Platt under scrutiny. Meanwhile, Governor Eamons (Helen Hunt) will make a hard decision that involves her latest education initiative.

Elsewhere, the judge will finally make a ruling in Ashe’s custody case. Plus, a former Auxiliary Deputy reveals a secret and other potential perpetrators will come forward to negotiate with Preston and Ashe. Ami Canaan Mann directed “Hour 9: Come to Jesus.”

In the sneak peek video of this episode which we have HERE. It shows Ashe talking to Preston. “We can’t let it go down like this,” she tells him. Ashe will also have a conversation with Lieutenant Breeland. “I’ll fight you without him, I’ll fight you in the courtroom,” Ashe tells Breeland.

“Hour Nine: Come to Jesus” will air tomorrow night, May 17. As we recently reported, Shots Fired has not been renewed and will air the very last episode, “Hour Ten: Last Dance” on May 24.

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