Spoiler: Whose parents will we meet in True Blood season 7?

 True Blood Season 7 promises us some interesting Bill flashbacks when the story takes us back to his human life.

In one of the flashback we will meet Bill’s parents, William Compton Sr. and Margaret Compton in 1855. We’ll also see Caroline Compton (Shannon Lucio) give birth to one of Bill’s kids in the 1850s. And in the present, get ready to meet Brigette, a smokin’ hot…microbiologist.

Stephen Moyer and Shannon Lucio in a scene from season 3

source: Eonline


  1. Vampire Bill needs to partner with someone per the new rules and regs
    for vamps and humans. Brigette might be the very one. Delighted to
    hear about the Bill flashbacks. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. because it’s probably relevant to w/e is happening this season. This is Bill remembering. Something must trigger him to think of these certain events in his past life.

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