Sound of Music director on what went right and wrong


In a live production as complicated as the Sound of Music something is bound to go wrong. Director Beth McCarthy-Miller spoke with the NY Times about what went right and what went wrong on Thursday night.

How do you feel right now?
Very relieved and very happy that it’s over. And pretty flabbergasted that it went off without a hitch. Or with only a hitch or two.
A dialogue flub when the admiral came in, and a jib snuck into a camera shot in, I think, Act 8. And we saw, in a close-up of Frau Schmidt, Ariane [Rinehart] sneaking to get to the window to climb in as Liesl in Act 3 where they do “Goatherd.”
Have you read the reviews?
I have read a couple of them. Very mixed. Any of the negative reviews that I’ve read on Carrie I think are pretty unfounded, honestly. I feel like she created a little character for herself. I think it was a lose-lose situation for her because I think everyone had such memories of Julie Andrews. I think it’s so hard to try to recreate such an iconic role, but I was blown away by her, and I’ve never seen anyone work harder in my life.
Did you look at any of the Twitter reaction?
[Laughs] I wouldn’t even know where to look, isn’t that horrible? Our script supervisor was on during the show and said it was tracking like crazy.
Now that you’ve done this once, what would you do differently the next time?
We barely got the show blocked before we started run-throughs. I certainly would give a little more time to the camerawork so we could finesse it a little bit more and give the actors more time to create the moments and hit their marks. They did an amazing job. But I shot certain things a little more conservatively than I would have, based on the time we had. Also, it’s such a huge show for audio. I think next time I would have used two audio people because it’s such a monumental task.

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  1. I must not be very observant.  I did notice the dialog flub, and it was no biggie.  But that was all.  It was live … stuff happens.  All in all, I thought it went quite smoothly.

  2. I believe it was very well put together. Of course Carrie is not Julie Andrews. How many people have played main characters for productions like Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Wicked, the list goes on. No two performers are going to be the same. It was a first time for her. People need to cut her slack. It takes a lot to go into a show. Costume changes, props, timing, memorization of lines, preparing yourself mentally.There is so much stress on a show, people that have never been there do not understand. Granite it has been years for myself, but I remember how much preparation, the stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, it’s not easy. . Carrie did a fine job. And Stephen was a good guide for her as he has had the experience. Their voices matched beautifully in duets and the match up with the children was amazing. All the performances were well put together. There are always small flaws with live performances but overall I believe it was good. Congratulations to Carrie for being so brave to accept a new challenge.

  3. No nothing went wrong. It was awesome. Everybody did an awesome job. It was not like the movie it was just as great. It was live and I wish we had more like it. Hats off to Carrie and Stephen for an Awesome job.! BOO to all those negative people that can’t enjoy something so beautiful. We all know it is not Julie and the movie.

  4. I loved the sound of music I enjoyed the 3 hours WATCHING it awesome job to Stephen Moyer and Carrie Underwood to a Faboulous Job pay no attention to the haters there’s always gonna be haters hating ,they should grow Tfup , and I loved Stephen Moyer singer wow boy can he sing and so can Carrie , Julie Andrews needs to tell her fans to back off of CARRIE stop sending her death threats , and the rest of the cast members were also amazing the youngest kid was so adorable I loved the sound of music so much I pre ordered the DVD and ordered the CD, :)

  5. I don’t think they mention Stephen in the interview.  I think he should receive more credit, to me, it seems all Carrie, what she did or didn’t do.  Stephen was the show for me, but I’m bias I know :)  I just think he sounded so amazing singing, his dialogue and the dance number were superb

  6. I enjoyed hearing the songs sung correctly not with cutesy stuff where one speaks the words or hams it up. Did I miss Salzburg? Of course- but this was so special and live TV! I loved Moyer as Von Trapp- in fact I loved the whole cast. They sang so well and looked believable. The mother superior rocked! Let’s face it – I preferred some of these performers to the movie- of which this was not a remake. It was magic.

  7. I really enjoyed it…and so did my 3 yo grandson and my hubby. Actually hope they do more live plays on TV…was a nice departure

  8. I so appreciate that this was done live.  There was no safety net.  It was a beautiful holiday gift, and I am very grateful.

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