Sookie tells Bill, “It’s Just Lunch!”

You probably remember the sultry scene between Bill and Sookie in last week’s episode of True Blood where the two sat down together to discuss the plan. Sookie tells Bill that she is going to need him at his best that night so she offers him to feed off of her. Bills was shocked, to be sure that she would offer and says, “Are you sure?” Sookie replies, “It’s just lunch.”

It was a great scene, I thought, just tantalizing enough to get us all interested in a possible Bill and Sookie hookup.

HBO just tweeted this gif file of the encounter:

Screenshot 2014-07-16 11.30.49


And here’s a few of our screencaps from the scene. The first one shows Bill’s amazement at Sookie’s offer just before he takes his bite.



And, then he bites and feeds:




  1. The only one I wasn’t sad about was the character Maxine Thorntonberry. I was sad when she died and wanted Violet to die with her.

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