Why is Sookie drinking Bill’s blood again?

Sookie had broken all bonds with Bill in the previous season of True Blood, but in this clip from the third episode of the new season she is taking Bill’s blood again to establish a blood bond between them. Bill seems to be enjoying it a bit too much and Sookie reminds him that she is with Alcide now. So what could the reason be for this bloody drink? Does she want Bill to be able to feel her again?


  1. Sookie and Eric: never going to happen. Ever. They didn’t end up together in the books, and they’re sure as hell not going to happen on the show. BTW, the name of the page is All StephenMoyer. Your trolling is so pointless here.

  2. I would love!!! If bill and sookie end up together #sorrynotsorry they belong together. I honestly think he is going to turn her. I’ve been saying that since last august so they have more Vamps. She can be like warlow but just not as powerful from the fairy point of view haha.

  3. Sookie has a plan that will no doubt put her in danger.  If she has Bill’s blood, he can feel her if she’s in trouble and come to her aid.

  4. Sookie has always turned to Bill when the going gets tough and he always comes through for her. 
    The boyfriend line was funny,  Yeah sure Sookie , sure thing.. lol

  5. Lee-ann Barry I opened the link but couldnt see a clip just the picture up top. Must be coz of my phone.

  6. oh ok. That sucks…………..Get it? Sucks? lol……………Because of True Blood and Vampires. That’s enough Austin………..ok.

  7. Já desgastou essa relação deles, acho que a Sookie merecia algo novo, sem manchas. Ficaria bem com o Eric ou com o Sam.

  8. I think she just wants to power up and get an advantage in an upcoming situation/fight.  She was able to hold her own when fighting Debbie in Season 3- and that was due to “vampire blood- lots of it”

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