Sneak Peek Video & HQ Bill Photo – True Blood Season 7.06

Below is a new promo video clip and a photo of Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton for the upcoming episode of True Blood Season 7.06,”Karma.” In the clip Nicole tells Sam she wants them to leave town.

New photo of Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton from this upcoming episode are below:


See all the HQ Bill Compton photos in the the True Blood HQ Photo Gallery

source: HBO
photo credit: John P. Johnson/HBO


  1. Nicole has given Sam an ultimatum.  That will be a tough decision for him.  Thanks for providing this clip from episode 6 … and thank you for that beautiful photo of Bill concentrating on whatever is in his hand … a phone perhaps.

  2. I have been a huge fan but it really turned me off when Trueblood started being politics into the story line….cheap shot

  3. I think they are all going to die. Government will bomb or nuke them to contain the virus since the show is being cancelled anyway. WHICH REALLY BITES BY THE WAY !!! No pun intended .

  4. I cant handle both bill and eric being sick & dying! Its so obvious that bill and sookie still love each other–why cant they have a chance?

  5. I’ve hated this sam hookup story line all season and this chick annoys me with her self righteous b.s. I hope they kill her off

  6. If Nicole leaves or dies, the storyline opens to end like the books….Sookie and Same wind up together.

  7. It really sucks that Nicole thought she was so “hip” in her undercover investigations of shifters and now that she’s pregnant with Sam’s baby expects him to just up and leave his own home. Very hypocritical of her. But a pregnant woman will make unusual hormonal and protective choices all the time. I just hope she lives to have the baby. We already know that other towns are not safe either. She may be jumping out of the frying pan right into the fire for all she knows.

    Lovely photos of Bill and the others ones too. Thanks so much for posting them for us.

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