Sneak Peek at this week’s Eps 5 of The Bastard Executioner

tbx_105-5In tonight’s episode 5 of the Bastard Executioner, Baroness Lady Love may have to face the music regarding her last statement made in Windsor to Sir Gaveston. Lies always find a way to come back and haunt you.

On last week’s The Bastard Executioner, Lady Love (Flora Spencer-Longhurst) told a little fib about being pregnant in order to protect Ventrishire from being divided and ruled the vengeful hand of the king Sir Gaveston (Tom Forbes). But, as you can see in the exclusive sneak peek above, when Gaveston arrives in Ventrishire on Royal business, Lady Love begins to panic.

“Isabel, I need you to fetch me a second meal, perhaps a third,” Lady Love says when asked by her maiden what’s wrong. “It appears I need to expand my girth with due haste.”
So, will Lady Love be able to keep up her ruse, or will Ventrishire fall into Gaveston’s hands?

Actually, we can’t wait until Sir Gaveston meets up with the wit and cunning of Milus Corbett tonight. What about you?



  1. I want to see Milus’ reaction when he hears about LL’s lie. When will he tell her of his plan for her to marry Pryce? How will she react to the idea. He will no doubt come up with some underhanded way to help her deal with Gaveston. Finding some way to blackmail Gaveston is the only thing I can think of that might work on him. There’s gonna be lots of fun on TBX tonight!

  2. I hope Lady Love can pull off her ruse. Gaveston may hate the Welsh, but I’m sure they are none too fond of him. Looking forward to tonight.

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